Evidence Based
Veterinary Medicine

Good clinical practice requires solid scientific evidence. However, evidence in veterinary medicine is limited and its quality often leaves something to be desired. With this session, the EVIEDVET Project aimed to introduce veterinarians to evidence-based medicine, covering topics such as quality of scientific publications and articles, tips for developing a research questionnaire and what to do when scientific evidence does not exist. The session starts with the presentation of tools to produce evidence in clinical practice and ends with a practical example: the VetOncoNet network.

Articles and Abstracts EviEdVet

Contributions before EVIEDVET

Abstracts, posters e articles

Sobre Unicórnios e Meridianos 

Uma análise crítica à Medicina Veterinária Tradicional Chinesa

The Emperor’s New Clothes

An Epistemological Critique of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Acupuncture

Interview on Non-Conventional Therapies
(in Portuguese)

Live interview of Manuel Sant’Ana on novel therapies in veterinary practice (VetSummit 2018)

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